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Saturday Spotting - Heir of the Valentine Estate Weds

Appeared on Saturday the 23rd of October in 1875 in the Indianapolis Sentinel out of Indianapolis, Indiana



     The Fall River correspondent of the New
York Herald contributed the following to
Wednesday’s issue of that paper: The mar-
riage of Miss Ella E. Valentine and Walter
M. Green, so long the theme of social
interest in this city, came of the evening at
the Valentine mansion, which had been
most elaborately decorated for the occasion.
The event called together a large company of
personal friends form their vicinity and the
large cities. Miss Valentine is the young-
est heir to the great Valentine estate, which
has descended to the heirs of the fourth
generation, the ancestor bequeathing it hav-
ing survived all his children and
passing it over the head of his
grandson about thirty-six years ago.
The aggregate at the present would place
it among the largest fortunes in the land,
and a very large portion of it is still invested
in established enterprises that have greatly
enriched this city. Mr. W M. Green is the
son of a wealthy merchant of Providence,
whose fortune places him among the solid
men of that city. The interior of the man-
sion where the ceremony was performed
was splendidly decorated with fortunes of
roses, smilax and fern. The wedding
ceremony took place under a finely
wrought arch of flowers with.
The refectory, improvised for the occasion
outside of domicile, was rendered very
attractive and beautiful with its profusion
of flowers and splendor of illuminations.
The lawn in front of the mansion was also
illuminated with about thirty glass globes
and stars lit up with gas. An arbor was
built from the front door to the sidewalk,
and the latter was carpeted to the street.
A steamer was charted to bring the guest
from Providence, and at the hour appointed
for the ceremony there were about 800
spectators. The ceremony was performed
by the Rev. A.K. P. Small, of the First
Baptist Church, in a very impressive man-
ner, and many were the congratulations
showered upon the happy pair. The music
for the occasion was rendered by an
orchestra from Providence. The presents
were numerous, elaborate in design and
combined the useful and beautiful In-
cluded in the display were statuettes,
candlesticks, engravings, chromos, tea and
dinner sets, and lastly a pair of solitaire
diamond ear drops, a present from the
bridegroom to this bride; a magnificent chro-
nometer with Swiss watch chain and pend-
ants, valued at $1,000, a present from the
bride to her husband. The newly married
couple left this evening for San Francisco,

where they purpose to spend the winter

(*above article found on Genealogy Bank website)