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Saturday Spotting - St.Valentine's Ball in Cleveland

Appeared on Friday the 15th of February in 1889 in the Knoxville Journal out of Knoxville, Tennessee

Unexpected Wedding…Going to the Inau-
guration…Hall in Honor of St. Val-
entine…. Boughs Paint the
Town Red.

CLEVELAND, February 14, - Another
very unexpected wedding occurred last
night. The contracting parties were Mr.
William Cate, a prominent citizen of this
place, and Mrs. Fannie Hancock, widow
of the late James Hancock. The mar-
riage took place at the splendid resi-
dence of the bride, on Berry street, Rev.
A.J. Duncan officiating.
Quite a number of Clevelanders will
take in the inauguration. The following
gentlemen have expressed their inten-
tion of being present, as taken form the
Herald: H. J. Parks, T.D. Steed, T.M.
Montgomery, J.H. Gaut, H.W. Horner,
L. D. Campbell, F.D. Clark, G.B. Cate,
J.A. Denton, M.L. Julian and Gus
Cate. The St. Valentine ball at the opera-
house last night was a very delightful
affair, and was well attended. The mu-
sic was excellent and every one pro-
nounced the affairs a grand success. The
elegant costumes of the ladies were espe-
cially commented upon, and the young
gentlemen were splendidly attired.
Among those who participated were:
Mr. F.T. Hall, Miss Agnes Hartdegen,
Mr.Will Sebring, Misss Lucille Bennitt,
Mr. s.J. Rogers, Miss Lula Carter, Mr.
L.S. Kelley, Miss Annie Sharp, Mr. W.
F. Marshall, Misses Nellie McConnell
and Tillie Gray, Mr. Will Johnston,
Miss Kelley, Mr. J.N. Davis, Miss Fan-
nie Craigmiles, Mr. Charles price, Mrs.
Emma Steed, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wil-
liams, Mr.and Mrs. Walter Cragmiles,
Mr. Luke Williams, of Knoxville; H. S.
Tipton, Fred Newell, Freman Surguine
and Will Gaut.
Mr.F. P. Kanister, is preparing to
build a residence in North Cleveland.
There is trouble brewing in the public
school, it seems between one of the
teachers, the principle and the school
board. It is to be hoped that the trouble
will be amicably settled at once.
A gang of rough characters, evidently
drank,”painted the town red” last night,
by tearing up steps, breaking down
fences, smashing up street lamps, etc.
The city officers are looking into the
matter, and if they are found out they
ought to be punished in such a way that
will forever stamp out such outrageous
Hon. John Devor, who was the repub-
lican elector for the fourth district of
Ohio during the last campaign, is in the
city visiting his estimable wife, who has
been in the city during the past two
months for her health. Mr. Devor is
perfectly delighted with our little city,
and we hope tat he may conclude to
make it his permanent home.
Arrivals at the Hatcher House to-day:
Jno, f. Sprager, Baltimore; S.J. Samre,
Cincinnati, O.O. Jones, Selma, Ala; H.
Rose, New York: T.C. Long, West
Chester, Pa.;N. P. Cannon, Atlanta,
Ge; O.C. Waller, Union Springs, Ga.,
J.J. Boyd, New York; Rev. Jos. J.
Jones, Georgia; J. A. Quitman, Atlanta,

(*above article found on Genealogy Bank website)

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