Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were? Maybe you want to know if those family stories are true. It could even be that you don’t know where to start your research. Whatever the case may be we have a number of packages available, each designed to fit your needs.

Basic Package – Six hours of research for $150 and $25 for each additional hour. What you will receive is 6 hours of professional genealogy research, a review of what information you have provided a research plan, copies of documents, and full report including a family tree.

Wall Buster – Hitting a wall during research is a common thing; don’t be discouraged that’s why we have this package. We will work to break that wall with ten hours of wall busting research.  Limited to one surname we will review what research you have accomplished. We will provide you with a research plan, copies of documents and a full report.  

Review My Stack – You have a stack of photos, documents, family trees and   photocopies. Not sure what to keep, what leads to follow or simply not sure where to start then this might be your best package choice.  During the eight hours of professional research we will review what information and documentation you have. Upon completion of reviewing all of the information you’ve provided, we will provide a written statement of what you have and a list of steps you can take to complete your research. This is limited to one surname with up to a three generation span. 

My Family – If you have a single surname and would like to determine your direct line and include all of the secondary ancestors in that line. Then this package with 20 hours of professional genealogy research is the one for you and your family. We will provide you with a research plan, copies of documents, full report, and a family tree along with your family group sheets. 

My Ancestry Story – With 40 hours of professional genealogy research. Unlimited number of surnames and generations. This package is the favorite for those wanting the complete “genealogy” package.  We will work with you identifying the focus areas prior to the start of the project. This package will include a research plan, copies of documents, full report, and family tree along with your family group sheets. Everything will be bound nicely in a “My Ancestry Story” package along with a USB thumb drive holding all of the research information.    

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